- NHK World, Tokyo *
- NHK Global Media Services, Tokyo *
- CBC/Radio-Canada, National Network, Montreal *
- CBUFT-TV, CBC/Radio-Canada, Vancouver *
- NBC-TV, National Network, Los Angeles
- MuchMusic, National Network, Toronto *
- MusiquePlus, National Network, Montreal *
- CITY-TV, Toronto
- CBFT-TV, CBC/Radio-Canada, Montreal *
- CFTM-TVA, Regional Network, Montreal *
- TVJQ - Videotron, Montreal *
- Videotron TV, Ottawa/Gatineau *
- Rogers TV, Ottawa

2013 - current
J-TECH Innovation & Evolution
NHK World, NHK Global Media Services, Media Mettle Inc.
Program host, advisor

2009 - current
NHK World, Tokyo, Japan
Advisor, Instructor to Announcers, Anchors and Reporters

2010 - 2011
NHK World Newsline, Tokyo, Japan
Reporter, Interviewer

2004 - 2011
NHK World, Tokyo, Japan
Announcer, Writer, Rewriter
- Announcer for TV news and magazine programs

- Writer for daily English news program
- Narrator of TV documentaries and series

2000 - 2004
NHK World, Tokyo, Japan
Broadcast Specialist, Visiting Announcer-Producer
- English language specialist, advisor to programming and production operations
- Instructor to presenters, anchors, reporters and producers in announcing and narrating skills, writing skills, studio preparedness, etc.
- Writer for daily English news programs
- Announcer for TV news and magazine programs
- Narrator of TV documentaries and series

1990 - 2000
CBC / Radio-Canada, Vancouver-Montreal, Canada (French)
On-camera Host, Producer, Journalist, Reporter, Announcer
- Host, journalist, reporter, producer, and writer of award-winning Arts and Culture TV magazine Courants du Pacifique
- Announcer, regional promotions and advertising

CBC / Radio-Canada, Montreal, Canada (French)
Journalist, Reporter, Segment Host
- Journalist-reporter for the Arts on daily news program Ce Soir

1985 - 1987
MusiquePlus (CITY-TV), Toronto / Montreal, Canada (French)
Co-Founder, Principle VJ, Host, Announcer, Production Management
- Conception, planning and implementation of the national network
- Creation and management of programming and content
- Principle VJ, host and interviewer
- House announcer, advertising, promotions, station IDs
- Guest appearances on regional and provincial radio and TV

1985 - 1987
MuchMusic (CITY-TV), Toronto, Canada
VJ, Host, Announcer
- Host-interviewer of daily programs and events
- Member of the founding team of MusiquePlus television network

1981 - 1985
Videotron, Montreal, Canada (French)
Host, Announcer, Interviewer
- Host of weekly Arts & Entertainment series Graffiti
- Host of weekly Arts & Entertainment series Dix-versions
- Segment host of weekly music series Radio-Video sponsored by QuebecRock Magazine

1974 - 1975
Videotron TV, Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada (French)
Host, Announcer, Interviewer

1974 - 1975
Rogers TV, Ottawa, Canada
Host, Announcer
- Weekly variety programs